How to recover deleted data on your iPhone

When you buy a new phone, it is important that you delete all the files so that it goes back to the factory settings. Sometimes we may mistakenly delete information from the phone that we still need. We will be giving  some options on how you can recover information from an iPhone, it should be noted that it is not always possible to recover this information.

Here you will find a very easy to follow step by step with which you will be able to recover files that have been deleted and that you still need. Normally we turn to data recovery to try to recover either a photo or a video, however, with the tips that I will give you can recover call logs, conversations and even attachments that you had in WhatsApp. It is also possible to recover SMS messages, contacts and even notes from you.

If you are looking to recover deleted pictures or videos, iOS is built to keep those deleted files in the photo application for 30 days. To access the “Recently Deleted” folder you first open up the “Photos” app. Once there, you then go ahead and scroll all the way down until coming up to the “Recently Deleted” folder. Once there, you can go ahead and recover all the files, select which files to recover, or delete them all fully from the phone.

If the above was not enough, the first thing to do is to download an iPhone data recovery software like D-Back from MyiPhone on your Mac or PC. Once downloaded, connect the iOS device with the USB cable and follow the instructions below to find out if it is possible to recover the lost data directly from the device’s memory.

– Look for the option “Recover from IOS device”.

– You will select the type of file you need to recover from the options available and click on scan.

– The process will take some time depending on the number of files you have on your device, and once the software finishes scanning it will show you all the files it was able to recover.

– If it finds the file you need, select it and save it to your PC or Mac.

If in your case it is not possible to recover the information with this software, we have another option, this would be looking directly at our device at the iTunes backups or in our iCloud account, it should be noted that it is important that backups are made constantly to find the latest files that we downloaded on our smartphone, you must also have all active synchronization services on the phone so that this option can work.

These are some tips you can follow to recover information from an iPhone, remember that when we work flipping iPhones it is important to completely restore to factory settings and all files they have must be deleted before reselling the devices. Thanks for reading and if you want to know more, remember to follow me on my YouTube channel and purchase my Phone Flipping Course. For those of you looking taking the business to the next level, we have the Phone Repair Course to buy broken phones, repair them, and maximize profits.

Thanks for reading!