Where to sell the iPhones you purchase

A few weeks before Apple releases a new iPhone it is very normal that people look for ways to get the money for the new model. In search of money many people sell older iPhone versions, in these weeks we have high supply of secondhand cell phone sales, and we can get cell phones in excellent condition to flip and get a high profit.

A cell phone with a year of use we can consider that it is an almost new state, clearly we have to look at the use that each owner gives to the cell phone, but with normal use the cell phones that we can find are in almost perfect condition, and we also know that they are cell phones with a useful life for a little more than 4 years, with this we can get many benefits and buy cell phones at very low cost.

The advantage we have with users who constantly change their cell phone, is that they are people who take good care of their mobile device because they know that the better conditions have their cell phone at the time of sale will get more money for these.

Next, I am going to give you some sites where we can sell secondhand cell phones, and I will also show you how to become a reliable seller and therefore you will get more customers, and you will not put so many obstacles at the time of making the sale.

Although you may think selling through e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon are going to be your best options, this is not going to be the case since the eBay and Amazon account will have to go through an organic and paid ads growth, reviews from consumers, and more items! The time and monetary efforts that have to be put into launching a dedicated iPhone e-commerce shop is extremely extensive and counter- productive. Shipping costs and taking on unrealizable liabilities are parts of the selling process of third part e-commerce platforms that look to always protect the consumer and not the seller.

The key success to maximizing your profits in the phone flipping business is by selling to dedicated buyers (Get access to dedicated buyers by purchasing the iPhone Flipping Course or the iPhone Fixing Course). These dedicated buyers are individuals that purchase anywhere from 5 to 20 phones at a time. These dedicated buyers have an already set up supply chain of where those goods are going to be distributed and placed to be seen by final consumers. Having access to dedicated buyers also opens the possibility for you to only focus on acquiring the phones rather than the entire process of acquiring the phone, finding buyer for the phone, and personally delivering the phone or sending it via mail.

In conclusion, the e-commerce way of selling used iPhones is the one that generates the most amounts of margins but at the same time is the one that is going to be most costly and time consuming to launch as well as the one that places all the risk on the seller. The optimum way to grow you iPhone flipping business is by having those fixed dedicated buyers, establishing a relationship with them, and maximizing profits by maximizing volume.

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